.: Metalpics.ch changelog :.

This is an overview of all the changes that were made...

26-07-2004  -  Koria-Roll

The pictures of Entwine and Norther at the Koria-Roll festival (Finland) online.

25-07-2004  -  Nummirock pics added

New pics of Ensiferum, Entwine, Katatonia and Thunderstone at the Nummirock, Finland.

03-07-2004  -  Pic of the month

New pic of the month presenting Steve "Zetro" Souza from Exodus at the Abart in Zurich (Switzerland) on June 8th 2004.

22-06-2004  -  Exodus

Loads of new Exodus pics, taken at the gig on 8th June 2004 at the Abart, Zurich (Switzerland)

21-06-2004  -  Impaled Nazarene

New pics of Impaled Nazarene's gig at the Remise, Wil (Switzerland) on May 14th 2004

19-06-2004  -  Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, Deeds Of Flesh, Prejudice

New pics of Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, Deeds Of Flesh and Prejudice at the Z7, Switzerland on January 27th, 2004.

11-06-2004  -  Tankard

New Tankard pics added feat. the gig in Zurich, Switzerland January 24th 2004.

02-06-2004  -  New pics from the archive

Featuring Moonspell and Lacuna Coil at the Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland at the New Year's Eve 2003. Poisonblack, Passenger, Moonspell and Lacuna Coil at the Transilvania, Milan, Italy on January 5th 2004. New pic of the month: Brandon Boyd (Incubus) at the Maag Event Hall, Zurich, Switzerland on May 25th 2004.

24-05-2004  -  Incubus in Switzerland

New pics added of Incubus at the Maag Event Hall in Zurich, Switzerland.

13-05-2004  -  HIM in Zurich

Pictures of HIM at the Maag Event Hall in Zurich, Switzerland on March 21st.

12-05-2004  -  New pics from the archive

Poisonblack at the New Year's Eve at the Z7, Switzerland

08-05-2004  -  No Mercy in Strasbourg

Last part of the No Mercy feat. Spawn Of Possession, Exhumed, Vomitory, Carpathian Forest, Kataklysm, Hypocrisy and Cannibal Corpse in Strasbourg, France