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03-04-2004  -  X-Mass Fest 03 at the Z7 added!

All the bands from the X-Mass Fest 03 at the Z7, Switzerland are online now (Amon Amarth, Deicide, Destruction and Nile added). Also there's a new pic of the month featuring J-P Leppäluoto, ex-Poisonblack, at the New Year's Eve at the Z7, Switzerland.

14-03-2004  -  New design online!

Finally the new site is done! As you will notice not only the design has changed. There's a new navigation which gives you a better overview of the bands and the concerts, the lower resolution of the pics results in shorter loading times, there's a new guestbook, a links section and a short description about Metalpics.ch's background. And of course there are some new pics: Misery Index, Graveworm and Dew Scented at the X-Mass Fest in Switzerland. I hope you will like the new site! Let me know in the guestbook what you think about it! Thanks! Also a huge thanks to Ruud Walraven for the programming and the strong nerves and to Roman Lukanec for the layout of the site!!! Cheers! Shelley