.: Metalpics.ch changelog :.

This is an overview of all the changes that were made...

20-11-2008  -  Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon, Amon Amarth

Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon and Amon Amarth at the Eishalle Deutweg, Winterthur (Switzerland) on November 10th 2008.

11-11-2008  -  Dark Tranquillity, Poisonblack, Fear My Thoughts

Dark Tranquillity, Poisonblack and Fear My Thoughts at the Salzhaus, Winterthur (Switzerland) on November 8th 2008.

09-11-2008  -  Darkane, Attack Vertical

Darkane and Attack Vertical at Le Nouveau Monde, Fribourg (Switzerland) on November 6th 2008.

05-11-2008  -  Anathema, Demians

Anathema and Demians at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) on October 23rd 2008.

05-11-2008  -  Heidenfest: Finntroll, Primordial, Eluveitie, Equilibrium, Catamenia, Manegarm

Finntroll, Primordial, Eluveitie, Equilibrium, Catamenia and Manegarm at the Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) on November 2nd 2008.

01-11-2008  -  Pic of the Month - November

The new Picture of the Month featuring Anders Friden (In Flames) at the Fri-Son, Fribourg (Switzerland) on October 18th 2008.

27-10-2008  -  Links section updated

Links to Season of Mist and Regain Records added to the "links" section. Check them out here.

26-10-2008  -  In Flames, Gojira, Sonic Syndicate in Zurich

In Flames, Gojira and Sonic Syndicate at the Volkshaus, Zurich (Switzerland) on October 22nd 2008.

23-10-2008  -  Aborted, Neaera, Textures, Anima

Aborted, Neaera, Textures and Anima at the Kiff, Aarau (Switzerland) on October 20th 2008.

21-10-2008  -  In Flames, Gojira, Sonic Syndicate in Fribourg

In Flames, Gojira and Sonic Syndicate at the Fri-Son, Fribourg (Switzerland) on October 18th 2008.

16-10-2008  -  Digging through the archives: Apocalyptica, Slayer

Apocalyptica at the Messe, Freiburg (Germany) on February 13th 2005 and
Slayer at the Arena, Geneva (Switzerland) on September 22nd 2004.

05-10-2008  -  Summer Breeze 2008, completed

Anathema, Cradle Of Filth, Mustasch, Destruction, Heaven Shall Burn, Sonic Syndicate, Dismember, Keep Of Kalessin and Endstille at the Summer Breeze 2008 in Dinkelsbuhl (Germany) on August 16th 2008.