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05-01-2006  -  About and Links section updated

We changed the about section and added some new links. Check them out by klicking the menu bar on the top.

03-01-2006  -  Behemoth and Dissection in Sweden

On the December 30th 2005 Behemoth played one exclusive show together with Dissection at The Shrine Club in Stockholm. Metalpics.ch joined the trip to Sweden and is proudly presenting the pictures of the sold out gig. To view the pics simply click on the name of the band above.

Thanks to Nergal, Behemoth and the whole crew for the great time and the support!!!
For more tour dates and news check out Behemoth's official site.

27-09-2005  -  Harvest Fest

Metalpics.ch travelled with the Harvest Fest for four days in September, including:
September 16th at Hellraiser, Engelsdorf (Germany)
September 17th at Planet Music, Vienna (Austria)
September 18th at Rockhouse, Salzburg (Austria)
September 19th at Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland).
You can check out the pics of Behemoth, Belphegor, Incantation, Nile, Pungent Stench and Unleashed by either choosing the band or the venue in the "gallery".

Special thanks to Nergal and Behemoth for the great time!!!
Don't miss their upcoming EP "Slaves Shall Serve" including some images by Metalpics.ch.

11-09-2005  -  Happy birthday Metalpics.ch!

Metalpics.ch is celebrating it's 3rd anniversary today!

For this occasion we decided to make a small but important change on the site. We removed the right-click block. If you experience any problems, please reload the site.
Feel free to link the pics from other sites or download them for personal use. For any commercial usage please contact me.

Thank you for visiting Metalpics.ch and for all your support!!!
Hope to see you on some gigs soon,

12-04-2005  -  The summer is coming!!!

The most of the summer festivals 2005 allready published their or part of their line ups. There are many open airs presenting a lot of great bands! Unfortunatelly we cannot visit all of them but as always our plans include some of the great events. So check them out! (click on the festival's name to visit its official site)
Hope to see you there too!!!

Fury Fest (over 90 bands on three stages, including Slayer, Motorhead, Antrax, Megadeth, Behemoth, Obituary and many more)
With Full Force (over 50 bands and even more to come... Iron Maiden, Slayer, Motorhead, Fear Factory, Kataklysm, Subway To Sally and many more)
Tuska Festival (over 30 bands and more coming soon... Monster Magnet, Apocalyptica, Sentenced, Testament, Dimmu Borgir and many more)
Kuopiorock (over 30 bands, including Mokoma, Entwine, Apulanta, Ajattara, Viikate, LAB and many more)
Summer Breeze (over 40 bands including Dark Tranquillity, Therion, Pain, Atrocity, Krisiun and many more)
Up From The Ground (18 bands and more to come... Hypocrisy, Primordial, Misery Index, Mnemic, Napalm Death...)